USF Earns State Recognition for Nursing Program

SIOUX FALLS, SD – It’s Nurse Appreciation Week and the University of Sioux Falls Nursing Program recently earned a special achievement.

Based on the recently released NCLEX pass rates, U.S.F. earned the top pass rate in the state at about 8% above the state average.  Nursing students take an assessment test after they graduate to show if their hands-on-experience has prepared them for their nursing careers.  The Nursing Program at U.S.F. is fairly new, so officials say the numbers show their program is helping their students.

“There’s only so much that can come out of a textbook. We are fortunate to be across the street from one major clinical partner and down the street from the other. So students are able to have participated (or are required) to participate in clinical experiences from the first semester in the Nursing Program,” says Director of the School of Nursing Dr. Jessica Cherenegar.

U.S.F.’s Nursing Program also received this recognition in 2017.

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