Sioux Falls Residents Ready for Next Step in Flood Recovery

FEMA assessed flood damage in the Sioux Empire

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- For Sioux Falls resident Allen and Teresa Peratt they live in their home on Lotta Street for about 30 years.

When the floods came in March they lost everything.

The house is now uninhabitable, and they’re just grateful that FEMA and the City can give them hope.

“Exactly that word. We have hope,” said Allen Peratt Sr. “When the state, FEMA and them showed up today, what a glad heart my wife and I have now. We have hope.”

The Peratt’s have not lived in their home since mid-March. As you can see the basement was completely flooded. Right now they live in a half-way home.

However, when they first moved in the house all those years ago—this area was not even considered a flood plain.

“When we moved here we were not told anything about a ‘flood plain,’ said Peratt. “There was no language like that. Within 7 years we were told you are in the flood plain and you better be ready to pay. So we been paying flood insurance for years.”

They are now waiting on the long process of getting their flood insurance settlement.

The first step happened today when FEMA with the help of State and City emergency officials did preliminary assessments of homes in the Sioux Empire.

“What we’re trying to do is get a picture of what that level of damage was and then we could provide that information to the governor to potentially request a Federal Disaster Declaration,” said Brian Hvinden, FEMA Public Information Officer.

Once and if a federal disaster declaration is deemed to be warranted it would take weeks after the initial declaration for funds to be given to individuals.

But for the Peratt’s they are just thankful for kindness of the Sioux Falls community.

“The good people of Sioux Falls are good people they help each other out and we’re really blessed to be here,” said Peratt.

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