O’Gorman Football Players Get Fitted for New Cutting Edge Helmets

The football team got fitted for the VICIS ZERO1 Helmet

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – “It’s nice to know that you don’t have to be worried about getting injured while you’re playing because you have the top of the line stuff,” said Alex Kowalczyk, a junior linebacker.

The VICIS ZERO1 helmet received the top spot in the NFL helmet performance testing three years in a row and its cutting edge design is the reason why.

“The helmet is made out of soft plastic,” said Clint Brightman, VICIS sales representative. “The inside we call our ‘reflex layer’. So it’s a bunch of individual layers which allows the helmet to flex on impact.”

This is not the traditional one size fits all helmet.

Players had to come in during their lunch break to get fitted individually because the helmet has memory foam in the lining instead of air.

“We also know there is an issue with helmets losing air, whether it’s by temperature or an issue with the bladder inside of it,” said Brightman. “There is no doubt that the main purpose of the liners is to provide a better fit. A much more custom fit. We know a better fitting helmet means a safer helmet.”

The season is less than three months away, with the new helmets players believe that they now have an advantage.

“I really like it a lot,” said Kowalczyk. “Everyone was pretty excited when we found out we were going to get them. They’re really comfortable lightweight and you can see really well and it’s an upgrade of what we had before.”

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