Staniszewska’s Brilliant Career For Augie Women’s Tennis

Staniszewska's Brilliant Career For Augie Women's Tennis

SIOUX FALLS, SD…Kornelia Staniszewska has been so good that the only thing that could have ever stopped her from dominating at Augustana….

“I was going to different school first but then my credit card didn’t work!” Augustana Senior Kornelia Staniszewska says.

….was a bad credit card?

“I think she was going to do her enrollment deposit.” Augustana Tennis Head Coach Marc Kurtz Says.

“It was Friday and I was like, well, maybe it’s just because it’s Friday it didn’t work. I’m going to try again on Monday. But on Saturday Marc Kurtz contact me on Skype, we talk and I find this connection. And I thought this school might be better.” Kornelia says.

Connecting with her new coach was easy.

Coming overseas from Poland wasn’t.

“I didn’t speak English well so it was a huge struggle at the beginning. I would say that I wasn’t myself. I think the team supports me and teachers and coaches.” Staniszewska says.

Kornelia’s game would help in that transition as well. In four years she’s become the winningest player in program history, going 69-1 in singles and 82-7 in doubles play.

“The girl who played #1 (singles) for the (Minnesota) Gophers and the #2 girl for the Gophers, she’s beat both those girls. She’s beat the Drake girl who played number one. She beat Creighton. She could have gone almost anywhere.” Kurtz says.

Though she thought about transferring to Division One there wasn’t an accident to blame for Kornelia staying at Augustana.

“I think I felt a connection with coach and teammates. I’ve been happy here so I’m glad it (the credit card) didn’t work! I don’t know what would have happened at different school, maybe it would be similar. But I guess it was a good choice.” Kornelia says.

They were just a good match.

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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