Augustana Athlete Charged with Simple Assault, Burglary

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – An Augustana athlete and former Pierre High School standout is facing several charges Monday. The charges come after police responded to a burglary call on the Augustana campus over the weekend.

Augustana sophomore Peyton Zabel is accused of breaking into an 18-year-old female victim’s dorm room at around 4 a.m. Saturday. Police say he crawled into the woman’s bed.

“She was sleeping in bed, in her room. She said she awoke to someone in bed with her, it was a guy. She said the guy ended up grabbing hold of her and pulling her towards him,” said Officer Sam Clemens.

The man, later identified as Zabel, ended up letting the woman go. She then ran to a friend’s room and called police.

Campus security was the first to respond and when they arrived, they found Zabel asleep.

“They tried to wake him up and they weren’t able to get him awake so the ambulance took him to the hospital. Once there he came to, not exactly sure what was going on, but he said he didn’t really know what happened at all,” said Officer Sam Clemens.

19-year-old Zabel had a reported blood alcohol level of 1.63, which is twice the legal limit. There was no sign of forced entry, police say the woman’s door was unlocked. She told police she knows Zabel, but they are not in a relationship.

Zabel played football and baseball for Augustana last year, he was also drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers this past summer.

The Augustana Office Dean of Student’s released a statement, which is in part reads:

“Per the Augustana University Code of Conduct and the Athletic Code of Conduct, the student-athlete is suspended indefinitely from all athletic activity until the investigation is completed.”

Zabel is facing four counts of first-degree burglary and a simple assault charge. His bail is set at $5,000.

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