Local Ministry Supplies Bikes for People in Need

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-Many of us don’t have to worry about how we’re going to get around town, but for some it’s a big concern. So one local ministry is helping out those in need.

Michael Schmitz doesn’t have a car, so he uses his bike to get around town.

“Everytime I leave my house I’m usually on my bike for some grocery shopping, work, church, treatment,” said Schmitz.

But it’s more than just a bike.

“There’s freedom in riding a bicycle and then taking the initiative to go to and from on your own, not having to be told what to do. I mean it helps because now you could get there yourself, so less excuses,” said Schmitz.

When Schmitz was a teenager he didn’t make the best choices, but 15 years ago his life turned around. That’s because he found the Bike-to-Work Ministry at the Center of Hope in Sioux Falls.

“Its taught me a lot about where I am in my walk of life, my faith, how I should project myself with other people and be who I’m meant to be,” said Schmitz.

The ministry is faith-based and supplies bikes at affordable prices to those who have a job or are currently looking.

“A lot of people who are transitioning out of prison come here, a lot of people who are homeless people who are just going through struggles in general come to us,” said Adam Hofer, Pastor for the Bike-to-Work Ministry.

All bikes are donated and volunteers help fix them up. After receiving his own bike, Schmitz is focused on helping others have that same opportunity. 

“For me to build a bike and know someone else can use it. I made a lot of mistakes in my life and it’s a way to give back,” said Schmitz.

The ministry also has a bike repair shop where they teach people how to repair and maintain their own bikes. Further giving people the independence and confidence to pedal towards a successful future. The Bike-to-Work Ministry sales an average of 500 bikes a year.

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