Lake Thompson Residents Still Dealing with Flood Waters

KINGSBURY COUNTY, S.D. – People living around Lake Thompson are still dealing with flooding.

After a heavy amount of snow this winter, quick melting and heavy rain in March, much of Kingsbury County is under water. Residents have also been dealing with strong winds causing more damage to the shoreline.

At least 400 homes and buildings in the county have been impacted by water. At Lake Thompson, one of the main roads to get into the neighborhoods is still flooded.

“They’re doing the best they can, they don’t get there the way they used to, it’s quite an inconvenience for people to get to their lake homes right now, emergency services are not able to get full-size vehicles in or out,” said Kingsbury County Emergency Manager Cindy Bau.

The area is bracing for more water with forecasted storms this weekend.


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