‘Arc of Dreams’ Pieces Arrive in Downtown Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-The skyline of Downtown Sioux Falls will soon change as a massive addition to the Sculpture Walk arrives from western South Dakota. Using three semi-trucks, pieces of the ‘Arc of Dreams’ were hauled from Sturgis Friday and then to the Raven Industries parking lot in downtown Sioux Falls Saturday morning. The final product will be two steel sculptures that will span across the Big Sioux River. The sections delivered Saturday make up the west side of the arc, which weighs 30 tons and will take a few weeks to install. Organizers can’t wait to see their dream finally come together.

“Very exciting, you know. I usually don’t get goose bumps, but for sure the first time I saw this sculpture today it gave me big goose bumps because we’ve been at this for six years now, raising money that whole time and the design has changed I think six times,” said Jim Clark, Director of the Sculpture Walk.

Once this half is installed, the trucks will go back to Sturgis to get the other half and repeat the process for the east side of the arc. The hope is to have it all finished by the end of June.


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