Elevators Feeling Effects Of Planting Season

HARTFORD, SD- During this time of year, farmers are usually in the middle of planting season.  Part of this process includes being able to sell crops to elevators.

“It’s getting tough on everybody because you need something in the ground to continue farming,” says Matthew Semmler of Valley Central Co-op.

Some elevators hold crops, like grain, to grind it into feed and eventually sell it back to livestock farmers.  The current condition of fields are cold and wet, which is causing farmers to plant later.  Not only will farmers lose a source of income, crop production will lose money.

Semmler explains, “If stuff doesn’t get planted (anything on the agronomy side), it doesn’t get fertilized. It doesn’t get sprayed. If it doesn’t get planted, there’s no money to be made for any side there. Farmer and elevators included.”

If there isn’t enough feed in the elevators for livestock, some farmers may be forced to sell their cattle.  Despite these hardships, farmers are not giving up.  They are modifying their planting routines in order to fill elevators.  But this is only a temporary solution.

“There will be some maturity switches. Some shorter day corns, some shorter day beans.  But if this weather pattern continues…..(you know) it will be harder and harder as the day goes on,” states Semmler.

Over the year, farmers have also battled with low-commodity prices.  The price of soybeans have taken the biggest hit dropping to almost 8-dollars a bushel.

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