Someone You Should Know: Planning with a Purpose

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A Sioux Falls man is working behind the scenes to help others in the community. Throughout the year, there are ways for thousands of people to give the gift of life and they’re made possible in part by his hard work.

For the past three years, Scheels Event Coordinator Alex Koob has helped make an impact in Sioux Falls. He partners with the Community Blood Bank to put on blood drives. Scheels has hosted about a dozen blood drives including KDLT’s “Lend an Arm.”

“I would say if there’s any opportunity for us to give back in our community, Scheels is really happy to be a part of that and you know I’m passionate about giving back into our community as well and so it just fits just right to be able to do this,” said Koob.  

Koob used to plan events for the YMCA Leif Ericson Camp and feels he can still make a difference in a retail setting like Scheels.

“I think it doesn’t matter what business you are in, there’s always room to help out the community and help out a person that may be in need,” said Koob.

Koob says he’s dedicated to creating a space for everyone to donate blood.

“Just seeing all of our donor sheet filled out like that just warms my heart,” said Koob.

“Knowing that we’re able to give that support to the hospitals in town and give them the opportunity to save lives.”

Thousands of patients have been saved thanks to these blood drives.

“It’s great to hear that we are making an impact and it’s not just Scheels that does it. We’re a location that you can come and donate. We absolutely love being that place, but it’s all about the people that come to our location to give,” said Koob.

Each year he’s amazed at the turn out.

“It’s just fantastic to be a part of a great community of givers, especially just the people that walk into our store, whether it be customers or our own employees,” said Koob.

These blood drives have opened Koob’s eyes to how important it is to donate.

“You know one person can help many people and so your donation can help so many people. Don’t just think it’s one to one, it’s one to many,” said Koob.

So Koob will continue to plan blood drives as long as it inspires more people to donate.

The Lend an Arm Blood Drive is this Friday from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. in the HuHot parking lot on 41st street. Then from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Scheels parking lot. Last year’s drive helped more than 250 patients.


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