Officials Increase Water Release Through Gavins Point Dam

YANKTON CO. S.D.- Recent rain has once again forced the Army Corp to increase the water being let through at Gavins Point Dam.
This time, 60,000 cubic feet per second are being released. Does any of that extra water have an effect on Yankton County?

“Back in March, they went to like, 90 thousand, for a while. We’ve seen a little effect on some of the housing down along by the lake, but still, at 60 we’re going to be okay.” Said Paul Scherschligt with Yankton County Emergency Management.

He says that the Army Corp does communicate with them when releases will be increased, helping them prepare if they need to.

“In March when they went to 90, they actually called. Saying, you know, we’re doing a real quick, we got to go up by midnight. Something like that, and they let us know.” Said Scherschligt.

So, even though the effects from the releases are not being felt throughout the county, they are along the river itself.

We took a little trip downstream to talk to Larson’s Landing RV Resort.

Experience from the 2011 flood of the Missouri River taught them how to prepare.

“We had to put a bunch of bank stabilization in. So, we’re sort of prepared for this right now if they don’t do it anymore.” Said Doug Larson of Larson’s Landing.

Larson says that the bank stabilization is extra rock along the shoreline to help prevent erosion happening within their park.

So how bad did things get this Spring with earlier releases?

Larson said, “just going over the dike and the marina so the marina’s water was full and we were closing in on trouble.”

Everyone’s answer has been the same so far this Spring, we all just want it to stop raining.

This current release at Gavins Point Dam is going to continue until the flooding has subsided for locations upstream.

The Army Corp wants to remind folks to continue to monitor dam releases with more rain expected throughout the area.

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