Red Nose Day: Walgreens to Recycle Red Noses into Buddy Benches

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Red Nose Day is finally here!

Red Nose Day was started five years ago to fight poverty and hunger. The organization has helped over 16 million children around the world. You’ve probably seen the noses and might even be wearing one.

Walgreens announced they will take your old noses and turn them into Buddy Benches, a national program to help promote friendship in schools.

“Those buddy benches are put in different schools around the country,” said Apple Tree Program Director, Lori Braley. “We’re trying to get one here, to help children when they need a friend, get a friend.”

“We’re saving the noses from being in the landfill because they’re not biodegradable so we’re kind of helping in multiple facets with that,” said Walgreens Store Manager Brandi Dux.

You can drop your noses off at all Sioux Falls Walgreens locations.

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