Inmates Celebrate Getting Their GED

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-When we hear about prison inmates, a lot of times it’s negative, however on Thursday the State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls highlighted a positive.

Around 25 inmates celebrated a big accomplishment, completing their GED.

“They’ve had many days of frustrations, disappointing days, struggle and challenges and today is one of the days we get to celebrate some of the good stuff they’ve done,” said Darin Young, SDSP Chief Warden.

A graduation ceremony was held and the inmates received a certificate.

“It feels great. I’m glad for me and my peers that we took the initiative to get it done in this setting,” said Anthony Keeble, an SDSP inmate.

Friends and family were able to be there to join in on the celebration.

“They’ve been their beside them, supporting them on their tough days. I want them to celebrate on their great days as well,” said Young.

It’s a day some of these men never thought they’d see.

“I was young and I was wild. You know, I liked getting into trouble. I didn’t care about going to school or not,” said Sage Hard Heart, an SDSP inmate.

But Hard Heart did it to make his family proud.

“Well I get out in ten months, so they don’t know, but I’m going to surprise them when I get home and show them the diploma and everything,” said Hard Heart.

Despite their past, inmates say they’re looking to the future when they get out of prison.

“I’m planning on trying to find the best job I can, like I said I just want a job where I can help people, anything like that and hopefully in the long run it will help me out to go to a little community college or something like that,” said Hard Heart.

Brandon Valley and Washington High Schools donated the graduation caps and robes, so the inmates could get the full graduation experience.



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