Local Business Gives the Everlasting Gift of Education

Weisser Distributing raised $6,000 for a school in Uganda

TEA, S.D.— For Henry Ngolobe receiving an education was challenging.

“My education was difficult,” said Ngolobe.”I studied walking a long distance of about 5 kilometers, 5 miles. Going for a education.”

In order to ensure children in his community didn’t register the same fate.

Ngolobe started a nursery school in a mud hut; which marked the first ever school in his home of Busia, Uganda.

Wanting to expand and upgrade his school to a full classroom with walls and wood floors, Ngolobe sought-out help.

“I still remember the day, we went and visited there first and they’re meeting in this rented mud hut. There was this teacher just so passionate about teaching,” James Swanson, founder of Corporate Care. “I just began to ask Henry how can this school become a reality.”

Inspired by a trip his daughter took to Busia, James Swanson through his company Corporate Care started to do ministry and charity work with Ngolobe.

Upon his return to the US, Swanson introduced Ngolobe to his friends at Weisser Distributing, where he preaches short sermons during the week.

More than willing to help, Weisser was able to raise $6,000 to help Ngolobe finish the school.

“It was awesome Henry was here for it, and James also. He was very pleased. He’s got a smile this big,” said Bob Weisser, founder of Weisser Distributing.

This is the foundation that they have already started building.

Ngolobe says they plan to have the school finished with the new upgrades in August.

With the new classroom, they expect to raise their enrollment from 27 students to 50.

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