Medicine That Can Be Tailored For You

SIOUX FALLS— In a world where food and clothing can be tailored to your specific needs, now medicine can be too.

The National Institute of Health is taking its “All Of Us Program” on the road to gather data from one million or more people.

“We’re in the data collecting phase,” said Francisco Huizar, “all of us” field director. “We’re looking to spread the education about research, the importance of research and why it is important to become a participant in research.”

The first step is the going through the education process, otherwise known as “the Journey.”

“The first part basically where do you stand, we’re going to measure your height and see where do you stand,” said Angie Gonzalez, assistant tour manager.

Participants answer a few questions about your environment, lifestyle and genetics.

Those results are going to be specific to the participants and show them how they’re unique.

The journey also takes you through different scenarios with virtual reality — like using smart glasses or prosodic limbs.

Huizar explains, “our virtual reality displays how precision medicine has made an impact in the medical field to date.”

After the journey, volunteers can also opt-in for a more in-depth phase which dives deeper into your medical and genetic background.

The program has just under 150-thousand participants.

But researchers are hoping to make strides throughout the Midwest.

“All Of Us” will be in Sioux Falls for the next two weeks, before heading to Fargo.

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