Area Farmers Mulling “Prevented Plant” Crop Insurance

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Crop insurance “late plant” dates are coming into play for many area farmers.

What’s called “prevented plant” crop insurance will pay up if farmers can’t get into their fields in time. Just like last year, the late plant date for southeastern South Dakota for corn is May 31. For the rest of South Dakota, it was May 15.

The soybean date is June 10 for eastern South Dakota. This type of insurance gives farmers the option of not planting a late crop that may end with low-yields in the fall.

“What I’m hearing, if there’s a chance to get into the fields they would consider going five to ten days past,” said SDSU Agronomist Jack Davis.

The final “per acre payments” depends on the premium farmers paid for their coverage and how much they have planted in the past.

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