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Sandford Health patients can now use the TytoCare kit

SIOUX FALLS, SD— “This is in a way is bringing home calls back, some people in our foot-print may remember what house calls are,” said Dr. Josh Crabtree, Sanford Health senior vice president of clinical operations. “Although, they have not been part of the usual practice of medicine for quite some time.”

The TytoCare exam kit advertises 24 hour round clock medical care, in a device the size of a large Apple Watch.

All Sanford patients have to do is set-up an appointment with their provider and then their doctor will walk them through the examination.

“At the end of the exam, which is done with the Tyto device, they can establish a therapy plan or decide if a prescription is necessary and walk them through what process they can have going on,” said Dr. Crabtree.

Tytocare is intended right now to treat non-medical emergencies.

But Sanford doctors feel this device is a stepping stone to treat more serious illnesses.

“There’s really an opportunity. Not in just the acute air space or in the urgent care non-emergent health issues or using the Tyto care device right now,” said Dr. Crabtree. “I think we can move in chronic disease management, maybe even behavioral health.”

An appointment through the device without insurance would cost around $59, while the actual kit costs $300.

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