Community Reaches Out to Local Farmers

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-Between the wet weather and a trade war, it’s been a stressful year for farmers. To show some support, the Agri-business Division of the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce held a farmer outreach event. Around 20 volunteers brought snacks and water to Sioux Falls area farmers. They wanted to brighten farmers days and bring some words of encouragement.

“Agriculture is a huge part of our economy in Sioux Falls, so as tough as this wet spring has been, we wanted to get out and show the producers and the growers our appreciation for everything they do to feed us and the world,” said volunteer, Scott Wick.

“It feels good as a farmer in the area that you have a community support group as you will, that are trying to look out for us too,” said Matt Loewe, a Lennox Farmer.

Loewe says many of his fields are still under water, and he’s a month behind on planting. However, he says it’s gestures like this that make the bad days not so bad and inspires him to push through this tough season.


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