Trappers Aim to Take Advantage of Pheasant Predator Bounty Program

Trappers get $10 for every predator tail they bring to South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks

SIOUX FALLS—-Hunters have been lining their pockets one trap at a time.

“People are able to trap these animals, bring the tails in and collect on a bounty on those from the department,” said South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks South Eastern Regional Resource Supervisor Josh Delger.

Pheasant nest predators are considered to be raccoons, striped skunks, badgers, possums, and red foxes.

And for every tail brought in trappers get 10 dollars.

“The primary purposes of it is to control nest predators. Increase the nesting success for pheasants and other upland birds and waterfowl,” said Delger. “Then also to get people back engaged in the outdoors and spending time outside.”

Over 23,000 tails have already been submitted in South Dakota and Minnehaha County has contributed over 6 percent of that; which is the most in the state.

“People that are taking the program seriously, and want to go out and make a difference,” said Delger. “They’re catching animals on their properties and lowering those local numbers.”

The program started as an initiative to raise pheasant populations for the upcoming season.

But, the increase in participants in trapping is seen as a bonus.

“There is a lot of positive response from the hunting trapping public out there and any legal and hunting trapping methods are wildly supported by the public,” said Delger.

The Nest Predator program will end August 31 or when South Dakota reaches the $500,000 bounty cap; whichever comes first.

Trapping season is year-round, and no trapping license is required to participate in the program.

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