Trump Approves South Dakota’s Disaster Request

After more than $45 million worth of damage was estimated to have been done by extreme winter weather and spring flooding, President Trump has granted South Dakota’s request for a presidential disaster declaration.

Federal money will be used to help residents, businesses and local governments across the state recover from property damage.  The president signed the declaration late Friday.  FEMA will soon come to the state to document all the damage to individual homes, businesses and public properties.  The governor’s office says more details on that will be released at a later date.

All 58 counties and three reservations that were included in the request for public infrastructure assistance were approved.  Individual assistance was approved for individuals and businesses on three reservations and in 12 out of the 16 counties in the state’s request, with Brookings, Kingsbury, Hamlin and Turner counties not getting approval.  Public infrastructure assistance was approved for those four counties, but the governor’s office says more information is needed in order for them to qualify for individual assistance.  It’s possible they could be added to the list for individual assistance after those additional details are gathered.

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