Sioux Falls School District Clarifies Upcoming Elementary Schedule

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Heather DeWit is one of several parents voicing their concerns about changes to the upcoming elementary school schedule in Sioux Falls.  Her daughters, Addi and Mickila, are finished with elementary school.  But their concerns are the reason why Heather is speaking out.

“For them art, music, P.E., band, and orchestra we’re a huge part of that experience for them. So they don’t want to see kids younger than them lose that,” says Concerned Parent Heather DeWit.

The new schedule reduces time for “specials” like art and music from 70 to 48 minutes.  Some parents are worried about their child missing that time.  However, School District Officials say the new four-day rotation schedule allows students to participate in all specials without missing a day.  For example: if a special is on a Monday and there’s no school, that special would rotate to Tuesday. Specials will continue to rotate days throughout a regular school week.  District officials say the four-day rotation could be a benefit to both students and teachers.

“I could be a high achiever, but have low growth. Well, when do I as a classroom teacher find opportunities to help that high-achieving, low growth student, to find that enrichment opportunities? Or low-achieving, low growth and find those opportunities,” says Teresa Boysen of the Sioux Falls School District.

When it comes to concerned parents, school district officials are asking them to give the new schedule a chance.  They say they’ll continue to evaluate if changes need to be made.

Boysen explains, “We’re going to look at this information. We’re gonna talk to teachers. We’re gonna see how this process works and we know every time we implement something it’s we look at it and we need revisions as needed.”

Band and orchestra schedules will remain the same.  Eugene Field A+ Elementary is the only school in the district that won’t be affected by this change.


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