USGS International Satellite Meeting Returns to Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, SD— For the first time since 2012 the US Geographical Survey (USGS) Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center hosted its Landsat Technical Working Group meeting in Sioux Fall.

As 11 different countries are meeting with the US Geological Survey to discuss Landsat Satellites.

“Landsat is an earth observation mission. That basically takes images of the ground every day,” said Steven Labahn, Landsat International Ground Station Manager.

Landsat Satellites have been taking images of the earth since 1972.

In order to share those images around the world, USGS host meetings every six months to update countries on current and new projects.

“It’s quite complex the technologies and the data structures that come down from the satellite. So it’s very important that we walk through all of the details of how to receive that data and the equipment you need to receive that data,” said Labahn.

The data is utilized in a variety of ways.

“We use it for a wide range of applications, which include agriculture, crop monitoring, crop figure and it helps us with other applications such as water source monitoring,” said Paida Mangara from the South Africa National Space Agency.

The conference will last all week, which will give guest plenty of time to explore their new surroundings.

“Sioux Falls I known it as the home of the Landsat,” said Mangara. “But I want to explore the place much more than that. Be able to look at a few places of attractions, as well as explore and test some of the food.”

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