Minnehaha Co. Residents Affected By Flooding Granted Individual Assistance

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Citizens of Minnehaha County whose homes were affected by spring flooding might now be eligible for individual assistance through FEMA.

This is due to the rain and snow storms the area endured from mid-March to late April. Minnehaha County officials say Disaster Recovery Centers will be set up later this week.

The centers are walk-in facilities where you can register with FEMA and talk with other agencies that could help with recovery needs. Officials say funds will be appropriated on a case to case basis and there’s no way to determine how many people were affected.

“There could be hundreds of homes that did have water or were affected by this, so those individuals, again, should if they’re interested, make an application,” said Sioux Falls Emergency Manager Regan Smith.

You can apply through the FEMA’s website or by waiting until the walk-in centers are up and running. Officials do not have specified locations for the centers yet.

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