South Dakota’s View on Tariffs, Trump and the Impact on Agriculture

Political pundits Dave Roetman and Aaron Matson weigh in on the bigger issues plaguing South Dakota and the nation

What sort of a lasting impact will the President’s threat of a tariff on Mexico have on trade and the future flow of immigration? Our local political pundits, Dave Roetman with the South Dakota GOP and Aaron Matson with the state Democratic Party, understandably do not agree on an answer. Matson believes the President hasn’t done much new to negotiate, especially on reducing the flow of illegal migration from Central America through Mexico. Nor is he sure the Mexican government will follow through even if there are some teeth to the agreement. Roetman says, ‘not so’.

In the meantime, as the 2020 Presidential candidates, including the President, crisscross the key primary state of Iowa this week, what might they hear from farmers? The two weigh this Tuesday.



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