City Urges Residents to Help with Big Sioux River Clean Up

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The city of Sioux Falls is looking to clean up the Big Sioux River and they’re hoping for a little help from residents.

The Big Sioux River is currently impaired by bacteria and “suspended solids,” making it murky. The city’s storm drainage system leads to the Big Sioux River, so anything going into those inlets end up in the river.

While the city’s sustainability office implements programs to clean it up, they’re letting citizens know they can still help too.

“We want the community to see the Big Sioux River like we do, as a beautiful natural resource running through the heart of our town. We want people using the river in every way that they can,” said Sustainability Coordinator Jessica Sexe.

According to a study conducted by the environmental office, dog waste accounts for the highest levels of bacteria in the river.

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