Wednesday Marks 40th Anniversary for Vet Centers Nationwide

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – An important was reached milestone for veterans today. It’s the 40th anniversary of Vet Centers around the country.

Congress established Vet Centers in 1979 after they realized that many Vietnam veterans weren’t engaged in services at their local VA. Vet Centers, like the one in Sioux Falls, offer outreach, counseling and referral services for veterans and their families.

Counseling often covers areas like PTSD, anxiety, and readjustment to civilian life.

“That’s an important part of what we do as well, providing support to families and understanding what the service members might be going through, and how that impacts not only the veteran but their family and the community at large,’ said Sioux Falls Vet Center Director Heather Bailey.

The Vet Center in Sioux Falls is located at 3200 West 49th Street. The majority of the staff there are veterans themselves.

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