Wired Wednesday: Robo-Call Blockers Worth Trying

A new FCC ruling limiting robo calls will help quiet your phone, but this helps ensure you won't be bothered

If you’re among the millions of Americans at the end of your rope with automated and unsolicited calls coming into your cell phone or landline each day, help may be on the way. The Federal Communications Commission last week voted to allow cell phone carriers to start automatically blocking many robo-calls by default. But with the problem only expected to get worse in the coming years, will it be enough?

Chris Prendergast, Chief Strategy Officer with Click Rain, explains how you might best protect yourself, your time, and your sanity.

One call blocker Prendergast uses himself is Nomorobo, available on iOS and Android. While some calls may get through, Prendergast says he’s impressed by the number of calls it has stopped.

Another he recommends checking out is Hiya, which claims to give you the context you need to make and receive ‘good calls’. Some other options can be found here for robo-call blocking technology.

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