Hartford Residents Helping Complete Community Mural

HARTFORD, S.D. – After months of planning and design, Hartford’s community mural is becoming a reality.

Harford Area Optimist Club invited residents to help paint Hartford’s community mural on Friday. City officials say this is an opportunity to bring people together as well as leave a lasting mark on the city of Hartford.

The large mural, totaling 19×19 feet, is designed to display what it means to be part of Hartford. City officials say they love that people are volunteering their time and efforts to make Hartford a better place.

“All of us who see it often or even just once and a while to remember that there’s a lot of history here. There’s a lot of people who poured a lot of their soul into where they live,” said volunteer painter Beth Prostrollo.

Saturday at 8 a.m., the city will be hosting a 5K run-walk, with all proceeds going to fund the mural. The city plans to complete the mural by the end of the month.

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