Chuck Brennan Announces Race to Win Huset’s Speedway

BRANDON, S.D. – Huset’s Speedway in Brandon might not be going to the highest bidder but instead the best racer.

Owner Chuck Brennan is putting the track up for grabs with a 40-lap race on August 13. Each driver, race team or sponsor will need to put down a non-refundable $200,000 place holder fee.

Whoever wins the race gets their choice of a $3.6 million cash prize or the race track. Brennan says he hopes the event is the first step to bring racing back to the Brandon community.

“We’ve had farmers talk to us about buying the land. We’ve had developers talk to us about buying the land to put some home projects on. We’ve had concert promoters talk to us about buying it for concerts but the bottom line is it can be used for all these things but it’s built to be a racetrack and it’s been a racetrack since 1957,” said Brennan.

Brennan says they need at least 18 drivers, otherwise, the race won’t happen and the $200,000 deposits will be returned. The maximum number of drivers allowed is 36. Brennan also says he is still willing to sell the track for the $9.45 million asking price if an offer comes before the race.

The race would be open to the public.


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