Chuck Brennan Reverts Badlands Speedway Back to Huset’s

BRANDON, S.D. – Ownership of Huset’s Speedway is up for grabs for the winner of a sprint car race in August.

Yes, Huset’s not Badland’s, that’s because owner Chuck Brennan is in the process of having the track rebranded under its original name.

Brennan tells KDLT News he’s doing this because previous potential buyers told him they planned to revert the name back to Huset’s Speedway. He says making the change now should make it easier for the next owner to bring Huset’s back to glory.

“It’s the gold standard of dirt tracks in the country. It’s on almost 80 acres, it’s all new. It holds 10,000 people for the races, 25,000 for other events. It’s just spectacular,” said Brennan.

The August 13 race for the track is open to as many as 36 dirt track drivers. If at least 18 drivers don’t sign up, the race will be canceled.

Each driver, owner, or sponsor is required to put down a $200,000 deposit. The winner of the race has the option of taking over the track or a $3.6 million cash prize.

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