Summertime Weather Finally Here But Doctors say Use Caution

Avera Health says to ease into summertime temperature

SIOUX FALLS, SD— It’s summertime meaning kids are outside enjoying the fresh air and beautiful sunlight.

But, those same sun-rays can be very dangerous.

“There are varying degrees of heat-related illnesses that we talk about. Sometimes people may exhibit things like heat cramps or heat exhaustion and the most severe on the spectrum is heat stroke,” said Dr. Jared Friedman, Avera Health Emergency Services physician.

According to Dr. Jared Friedman with Avera Health, heat exhaustion is the most common form of heat-related illness for athletes that train outside.

The symptoms are:
-Dizziness/feeling lightheaded

-Confusion/slurred speech

-Not sweating


For athletes wanting to push through the summer heat, but Dr. Friedman has a different message.

“We have had numerous deaths over the past couple of year in professional sports, said Dr. Friedman. I think pushing through a heat-related illness is certainly not advisable. Fortunately, many trainers and coaches have become a tune to this and know we can longer have this sort of attitude.”

According to the Annual Survey of Football injury research, over 50 football players since 1995 have died from heat stroke and those deaths could have been prevented.

“Ways you can prevent it is by taking frequent breaks, getting out of the heat and into a cooled environment when you. Other ways are things like hydration,” said Dr. Friedman. “Hydration is key so drinking plenty of water is important.”

Dr. Friedman even says little pickle juice wouldn’t hurt.

“Pickle juice is high in sodium and certainly that would help some, but that doesn’t need to be the majority of what people are drinking,” said Friedman

Maybe not so much pickle juice, but more water.

Water along with Gatorade and drinks with electrolytes can keep you hydrated.

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