Vaping Gets Outlawed in Many Public Establishments

South Dakota lawmakers updated Clean Air Laws to include e-cigarettes

SIOUX FALLS, SD—Do you smell that?

That is the smell of change in the air as South Dakota lawmakers have passed a law that bans smoking e-cigarettes in almost every public establishment.

“There are no health benefits from E-cigarette use, there are clear health consequences from e-cigarette use so this is a great law,” said Thomas Asfeldt, Director of Outpatient Cancer Services at Sanford USD Medical Center.

The law will take effect Monday July 1st.

The ban comes as an addition to the 2010 South Dakota Clean Indoor Air law, which already banned smoking cigarettes in most public places.

According to South Dakota leaders, this law is a way to get ahead of the curve.

“What we did with cigarettes 50 years ago, we had no idea what was being done,” said Asfeldt. “It was marketed as a cool thing, if you’re cool you’re smoking Marlboro’s. ‘Hey be like the Marlboro man.’ all the hip people smoke cigarettes. We don’t want to be stuck in that same circumstances we were 50 years ago,” said Asfeldt.

This is going to be a second change big smoking change for restaurants in the past 10 years.

Shenanigans Bar and Grill owner Don Rose, believes vaping customers will simply just adjust to the new laws.

“I don’t think anybody will not come because of that. People go outside and smoke all the time,” said Rose. “No, it has never been a problem; Vaping and electronic cigarettes. Some will say ‘what are they doing?’ We’ll say they’re vaping, people say ‘oh as long as they’re not smoking.”

If smoker are caught smoking in a public establishment they will face a petty offense fine of $25.

South Dakota is about to become only the 19th state to implement e-cigarettes in their smoke free laws.

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