Former Canarie Pat Mahomes Gets His Jersey Retired

SIOUX FALLS, SD— It was a special night at the bird cage as Pat Mahomes and no I’m not talking about the NFL MVP.

But, his dad was a former canaries pitcher and canaries wanted to celebrate him in a special way.

Mahomes got his jersey retired by the team, so he will forever be apart of the bird cage.

He played for the canaries off and on from 2007-09.

Through those years the Bird’s say he was known as their ‘ace pitcher’ and helped them win a championship in 2008.

Although he did play in the major leagues, he said that Sioux Falls always has a special place in his heart.

“I had some really really great times here and to come back and get to see some of the old guys, my old pitching coach and my old teammate,” said Mahomes. “It’s kind of surreal being back here because I loved my days playing here.”


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