Gannon Moore Has Great Chance to Make Team USA Rugby Team

Gannon Moore Has Great Chance to Make Team USA Rugby Team

SIOUX FALLS, SD…Gannon Moore’s road to becoming an USA rugby player was anything but a straight line.

Gannon Moore, USA Rugby Wing says: “It all started actually at this field here, when I was a freshman in high school my older brother told me that rugby would make me a better football player.”

Moore played both sports at Lincoln High School.

Chris Lohan, Sioux Falls Crow Rugby says: “He was an amazing running back and I always joke with him and say he needs to work on his tackling…”

Patrick Artz, Dakota United Coach says: “He’s just a straight forward runner, he doesn’t care he’ll just run you over…”

Moore would help lead Lincoln to a state title in his junior year and as a senior he would set the single-season rushing touchdown record for class 11AA with 29.

He would go on to attend SMSU to play football and after four years his football career would come to an end.

Gannon Moore says: “After football was said and done with I just got back into rugby.”

Which lead him to play overseas.

Gannon Moore says: “Sort of made the best decision of my life, I moved to New Zealand, which is where I play rugby met my finance… its like home base now.”

While playing for North Harbour and Silverdale RF, Moore began to become noticed on the USA team radar and finally got the life changing call.

Gannon Moore says: “I was actually on vacation… my phone had picked up some coverage and I had voicemail on my phone saying ‘This is Greg McWilliams with USA Rugby give me a call… he just said we want to bring you.”

Moore says getting that call created gratification not only for himself—but his Sioux Falls Community.

Chris Lohan says: “Every time I see something on Facebook get shared about him it goes straight on my page. I’m just ecstatic to see him playing on national television and world wide TV. I’m Oh that my buddy that’s Gannon.”

Patrick Artz says: “It shows the the possibility for the youth in Sioux Falls, telling them what he has been able to succeed at and they path ways that are out there for kids to be able to make careers out of this…”

Moore right now is at preliminary training for team USA in hopes of making the 31-man roster for the Rugby World Cup in Japan this September.

In Sioux Falls, Brandon Green, KDLT Sports…

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