Health Officials Urge Firework Eye Safety

SIOUX FALLS, SD— Ahead of America’s 243rd birthday, health official wanted to give a few tips to make sure you see fireworks this year and for years to come.

“I think the easiest thing to do is to wear safety goggles but I know that’s not the coolest thing to do,” said Dr. Heeyoung Wang, Avera Emergency Physician. “I think the issue with the eyes is they are hard to salvage once they’re damaged. it is a one time deal. where your hands and other things can heal themselves, where your eye is difficult to fix once it’s injured.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, about 36 percent of firework-related injuries are to the head area.

If a firework eye injury does happen, Dr. Wang says to call 911 and rinse your eyes out for several minutes.

Some other safety tips while handling fireworks are to:

-Stay a safe distance away

-Never place your body over the fireworks while lighting

-And always keep a bucket of water near just in case of a fire

“The biggest thing is to use them responsibly. So I think using fireworks in a way they’re not intended, such as shooting them at other people is probably ill-advised,” said Dr. Wang.

But, besides all the dangers fireworks are meant to be fun for all.

“They are pretty and exciting, I do think it’s fun to light things off and watch them explode. But that does come with risk. But, I don’t think that negates being able to have fun,” said Dr. Wang.

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