Some Pet Foods May Potentially Cause Heart Disease in Dogs

There is an important alert for pet owners.

Your dog could potentially be at risk of developing canine heart disease based on the type of food they eat.

That’s according to an investigation by the food and drug administration.

The FDA has identified 16 dog food brands possibly linked to reported cases of dilated cardiomypathy, known as ‘DCM,’ which can cause congestive heart failure in dogs.

As lentils, seeds, or potatoes as the main ingredients were most frequently associated with the issue.

So far, the FDA has not determined how certain diets may be linked to canine heart disease and is not asking companies to recall their products.

However, dog owners are being urged to work with their vets to select the best diet for their pet’s needs.

The 16 brands listed in the FDA report are:

– Acana

– Zignature

– Taste of the Wild

– 4Health

– Earthborn Holistic

– Blue Buffalo

– Nature’s Domain

– Fromm

– Merrick

– California Natural

– Natural Balance

– Orijen

– Nature’s Variety

– NutriSource

– Nutro

– Rachael Ray Nutrish

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