Tariffs Against China Has an American Tradition in Limbo

SIOUX FALLS, SD— The fourth of July is known for the big bangs.

But those rhythmic pops could be seeing a change.

As President Trump has proposed to add additional products to 25% tariff against China, which would include fireworks.

“I would encourage people if you purchase a large amount of fireworks you should buy them now because if you purchase them
next year you’re definitely going to see an impact. if you’re a thousand dollar costumer, you’re going to at least see another 100 dollars in your cost,” said Brandon Fireworks Owner TJ Cameron.

According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, nearly 95 percent of US fireworks are imported this year are from China.

“You can only buy outside the US which is a little bit tough, you can’t buy fireworks anywhere else,” said Cameron.

Cameron says they are fireworks wholesalers and the tariff already has them thinking ahead.

“We’re already thinking about ordering additional products for next year before the tariff goes into effect officially,” said Cameron. “Because there is a possibility even if we placed an order now the impact of the tariff could potentially hit before the firework were manufactured and ready to ship.”

“Tariffs are not a good thing,” said Sen. John Thune.

According to Thune, the tariffs are being used a pawn in order to foster a trade deal between the US and China.

With a deal yet to be negotiated, the American consumers are feeling the real impact.

“Tariffs are essentially taxes on American consumers, which why you don’t want to have them in effect for a long time,” said Thune.

President Trump did announce that he would hold off on imposing the tariff, but if the US and China do not reach a trade agreement soon they could be imposed sooner rather than later.

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