Bearded Vertigan Having Career Year For Canaries

Bearded Vertigan Having Career Year For Canaries

SIOUX FALLS, SD… Mike Hart, Canaries Outfielder says: “Vertigan’s beard? Oh yeah, Baby Thor. We like to look at it, it’s a camaraderie thing. He loves it, I like it.”
I mean he’s a man. A man’s man grows beards fast.”

Although the Canaries are battling for their first playoff berth since 2010.

The conversation of the summer is outfielder Baby Thor’s facial hair.

Clint Coulter, Canaries Outfielder says: “I always tell him. He looks like a bobblehead. His head looks so big. But, it is a good beard and he’s always getting compliments on it.”

The relationship between superstitions and beards have always been a part of sports.

Whether it’s “playoff beards” in the NHL or even the 2013 Red Sox who used their beard’s as a battle cry on their road to a World Series Championship.

But, Brett Vertigan says he has been growing his for a couple of years. And it is not a superstitious endeavor, he does it for another reason.

Brett Vertigan, Canaries Outfielder says: “My girlfriend likes it; she doesn’t like when I’m clean shaven. So, I just kind of let it happen and I look like a Viking.”

Whatever it takes to keep the Mrs. happy is always a great plan. Vertigan is having his best season to date. Hitting over .300 for the first time in his professional career.

Maybe the beard has just a little bit to do with it.

Mike Meyer, Canaries Manager says: “He’s been working on that thing for a while now. He does a nice job of keeping it manicured and he’s a producer for us at the plate to so that’s a good thing.”

But, with the heat of summer, there is one negative that comes with all that hair.

Vertigan says: “It’s hot with the hair and the beard. But, I’m starting to get a little bit bald so I’m trying to grow the hair over it…”

Well for the Canaries leadoff hitter, if the heat can’t make him cut it, I don’t think anything will.

In Sioux Falls, Brandon Green, KDLT Sports…

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