US Rep. Dusty Johnson Visits Dell Rapids Quarry

SIOUX FALLS, SD— L.G. Everist has been mining the Dell Rapids quarry since 1927.

As you drive to the deepest point of the quarry, about 350 feet, you start to get an understanding of just how big the operation is.

About 350 feet inside the East Dell Rapids quarry.

“On average, each American’s use 10 tons of aggregate every single year, with all of the different roads and other projects being built to service this modern economy that is a much bigger impact than most people realize,” said U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson.

L.G. Everist Management says that quarries have provided jobs and careers through tough times in American History.

Johnson is visiting the quarry in order to gain an understanding of how these blue collar workers contribute to “the American Dream.”

“When our country is in a position to build more interstates, build more schools, build more hospitals that creates more jobs at this quarry,” said Johnson. “If we don’t have an economy that’s humming its a lot harder for this place to be successful.”

“Part of the biggest challenge we got it in the Quarry industry is just an awareness of what we do,” said Brian Phelps, L.G. Everist marketing manager.

L.G. Everist Management says that about half of their employees are the age of 50 or older.

“So we are looking for the next and future quarriers; people that work in our business,” said Phelps. “But, it is a challenge to get people to recognize rock quarry as a valuable career.”

Quarry workers make big rocks become little rocks, which turns into our counter and stovetops.

If you would like to learn how cool it is to work at the quarry, all you have to do is look down.

Looking down into the East Dell Rapids quarry.

“The ‘vertigo’ I think is the correct term for it,” said Phelps. “It’s quite interesting looking over the edge. Which we do not encourage people to do! But it is interesting.”

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