Britton’s Football Prodigy Returns to Host Free Camp at Northern State

ABERDEEN, S.D. – Britton native and Philadelphia Eagles Tigh End Dallas Goedert is back in South Dakota. The former SDSU standout spent Tuesday hosting a free football camp on the Northern State University campus.

“I definitely remember being one of these kids going to different camps for any sports. That was awesome and seeing older people, now that people look up to me, it’s really special to come out here and give back,” said Goedert.

Goedert’s visit was thanks to a partnership with Sanford Power and included a free camp for kids of all ages. And judging by the jerseys on the field, it’s clear that Goedert remains a hometown hero.

“My favorite player is Dallas Goedert,” said one camp student.

“Yeah, I think everybody in Britton is an Eagles fan in some way,” said Britton-Hecla Football Coach Pat Renner. “The kids still love to see him and get his autograph whenever they can. It’s a big deal having a small town and having a big-time football player.”

Students and coaches from Goedert’s high school alma mater also made the trip to catch up with the tight end but his former coach Pat Renner says usually it’s the other way around.

“He’s come back to some of our prep assembles. He came to our state championship game a couple of years ago and of course, he still follows our team,” said Renner.

Goedert says what excites him the most about coming back is seeing all the talent South Dakota has to offer.

“We’re not as big as a community as other states but when you look around here, we have some great athletes. So, it’s really special to be back here,” said Goedert.

Goedert will make his return back to the midwest to play the Green Bay Packers in late September and the Minnesota Vikings in early October.

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