How Motorcyclists Can Stay Safe On The Roads This Summer

In the state of South Dakota, eye protection is required and helmets are needed for anyone riding motorcycles under the age of 18.  Older riders, however, may want to take the extra safety precautions to ensure a

smooth ride.

“Actually I’ve been riding my motorcycle and I got hit by a bird, specifically I got hit by a pheasant once and what happened was it hit the front of my motorcycle, then it came up over my windshield and hit me in the face around my helmet, so the helmets are very functional,” says J&L Harley-Davidson owner Jim Entenman .

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, helmets are effective at reducing deaths by 37% and brain injuries by 67%.

Riders behavior on the roads can also have a large impact in avoiding accidents.

“Riding habits making sure that they are going the speed limit and staying in their lane and not going in and out of lanes dangerously,” says highway patrol trooper Shannon Orth.

Orth says that the summer is a time when more collisions tend to happen, and when riders could be extra careful.

“A lotta tragic injuries do happen just because protection on a motorcycle once you are involved in a crash can get very dangerous so sometimes things can definitely be alleviated if they are wearing the proper gear.

Riding motorcycles is fun but having the proper equipment makes it all the more enjoyable.

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