The Biggest Concern for South Dakota Farmers Right Now

Former state Ag Secretary Walt Bones talks about shifting priorities for farmers as we move through seasons

Regional growers hit hard by harsh conditions and flooding earlier this year are doing their best to take things as they come – day by day. It’s actually, what farmers have always tried their best to do, given so much of their work is at the mercy of the weather. But Mother Nature has been particularly tough on South Dakota farmers and ranchers this year, which is why many already have a wary eye on next winter and any threat of an early frost.

Everything that farmers were fortunate enough to get into the fields has already been pushed back by – essentially a month, according to former South Dakota Agriculture Secretary, Walt Bones. The fields that were able to be planted can’t afford an early frost.

“This has been a very challenging year,” said Bones. He he adds, “The folks at Avera have a Farm and Rural Stresss Hotline that you can call, where you can just talk. We’ve been trying to help them do that, just talk.”

Bones is encouraging anyone struggling, to call the hotline at 1 (800) 691-4336. He discusses more on the state of farming, the rise in commodity prices we’re seeing right now, and more in the interview above with KDLT’s Carleen Wild .

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