Cats Rescued From Mitchell Improving in Health

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Officials say 30 of the 37 cats rescued from a Mitchell home last week are being cared for at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society and are doing much better.

When they arrived, several cats had respiratory problems, their hair was matted, and their eyes were crusted shut. Since then, the cats have all be vaccinated and medicated and Animal Control Officers are hopeful that all of them will pull through.

“Now they’re coming to the front of their kennels and they are talking more like I said chatty Cathy back there and they’re just eating more regular and they want that interaction with humans,” said Humane Officer Andy Oestreich.

Officers say it will take a while for the cats to get back to full health. Once they’re well, the humane society hopes to put them up for adoption. In the meantime, they’re asking for Purina Cat Food and monetary donations.

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