Celebrating 35 Years of South Dakota Magazine

Editor highlights why she remains so dedicated to what has been the mission of the publication since it's inception

Katie Hunhoff’s father, Bernie, started South Dakota Magazine when she was just in the first grade. Years later, now at the helm, Katie couldn’t be more proud of the work she and her team are doing. Sharing stories about South Dakota and the people and places here remais her passion. And it shows.

We also talked with Katie about a few of the events listed in the magazine both this month, and in the next bi-monthly issue due out in the coming weeks. She didn’t hesitate to also list a few places you might visit or road trip to, because they are pretty amazing out-of-the-way places.

) Visiting Calliope Village which you can learn about on pg. 29.

2) Hiking Gitchie Manitou (pg. 28)

3) And, how about a visit to Ortonville to see “The Muskegon” – a salvaged and restored boat that was the victim of one of South Dakota’s worst nautical tragedies.

She also mentioned the following, as they are covered in the events portion of the magazine, and are worth checking out.

1) Danish Days in Viborg

2) Cookin’ on Kampeska and Waubay Community Fun Fest – in Glacial Lakes Region

3) Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo in Mitchell

4) Two popular events in Sioux Falls – Jazzfest and Hot Summer Nites


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