“Smart Home” Trend Happening in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- We’re in the digital age where everything is getting smarter. Not only do we have smartphones, now more people are opting for a “smart home.”

Keith Coacher with Coacher Construction has been remodeling homes for 21 years. He says a lot has changed.

“We’ve seen a lot of products come and go, so it’s just a test of time to see if this stuff sticks around, but I think we’re in for a treat to see a lot of this,” said Coacher. 

A new product he’s excited about are smart showers. There isn’t a traditional lever to turn the water on and off. Instead homeowners can use their phone or a digital touch screen. 

“You can tell your phone to get your shower ready and it will flush all the cold water out and once it reaches your desired temperature it will pause the water, tell you your shower is ready instead of wasting that water like we used to,” said Coacher.

That type of feature costs around $2,500.

There are also “smart smoke detectors” that are connected to a virtual assistant like Siri or Alexa.

“It’s got a smart speaker built into it. You can talk to it, so if you fall you can call for help through it and it can also notify you if you have any problems in your home like if carbon monoxide levels are high,” said Coacher. 

Those typically cost a couple hundred dollars. Then there are smart faucets.

“A faucet that’s all touch based, so you just touch it,” said Coacher. 

Instead of putting your hand under the water to check the temperature, there’s a sensor that will turn blue for cold or red for hot. 

Coacher says more homeowners are opting for smart home features like these for the convenience and safety. 

“You’re really connected to your home like you’re going to know the air quality, you’re going to know the carbon monoxide quality if you have some. You’re just going to be very in tune with what’s going on.”

Making your home feel just a little more personal. Before taking on a remodeling project, Coacher recommends doing your research to see what products are out there.

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