Why the “FaceApp” Trend is Raising Concerns Over Privacy

The “FaceApp” takes your photo and within seconds ages you by decades. You’ve probably seen the altered pictures on social media from celebrities like Drake and the Jonas Brothers. Even KDLT’s Brandon Green tried it out.

But the app’s russian developers — and privacy policy — are raising a red flag for some. Tech expert, Will Bushee, says one thing to remember is you’re handing over information at your own risk, “They’re uploading the data to a server somewhere in the world, doing something with the photo and then sending it back. Now what are they going to do with that photo afterwards? We’re gunna hope they’re gunna delete it, but there’s a good chance that they aren’t or it’s gunna get leaked or it’s gunna pop up somewhere else.”

Bushee says app developers can also access information like your location, web history, and what you click on using third party analytics,“In most cases this information is going to be used to advertise back to you. So they can custom serve up ads that are more likely going to be related to you. You’re more likely to click on them.”

Before downloading this app or ones like it, bushee says you should ask yourself if you’re okay with that information being accessed. Bushee also says, “Do you care how much they are tracking you while you’re using their app? I personally wouldn’t use the app and I don’t use a lot of those social engagement apps that exist out there not necessarily because I don’t want that information out there, I just don’t really trust a lot of what they’re going to be doing with the data.”

It’s just one more thing to consider before diving headfirst into the latest trend.

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