Higher Temperatures Could Mean Danger for Your Car Tires

Hotter roads can cause over and under inflated tires to pop

SIOUX FALLS, SD— Experts say on a day like today road temperatures can reach up to 140 degrees, which why it’s always important to check your tire pressure.

“With the heat, your tires can grow and pressure can get higher, so you want to make sure that your tire pressure isn’t getting too high,” said Dustin Gulbrandson, 41st Street Automotive technician. “With lower tire pressure, they can get even hotter. So, you could risk blowing out a tire if you have it too low.”

Gulbrandson continued by saying it’s important to have your tire pressure at the recommended PSI.

If you don’t what that number is, you can typically find it on the driver’s side door.

He says you should also consider switching from snow tires to highway tires.

“You definitely don’t want to have snow tires left on your car anymore. They have a lot more grip and with the road getting hotter the grip is that much higher and you can tear up your snow tires pretty quick,” said Gulbrandson.

But, it is not just the tires that you have to watch out for: the battery, engine, and anything under the hood can be expensive replacements.

“Just keep an eye on your temp gauge. Make sure your car temp is staying in where-ever your temp gauge normally rides and is not way above of where you’re used to seeing it,” said Gulbrandson.

And of course, don’t forget about the AC!

“Usually, you should have your AC checked in the spring; there’s always specials going around. Have your AC checked and make sure your freon levels are full and prepare yourself for the hot summer day so you’re not sweating like crazy,” said Gulbrandson.

If you’re switching between summer and winter tires, Gulbrandson says switch to summer tires around mid-April and to switch back to snow tires around thanksgiving.

Just a few cool tips to keep your budget from burning up this summer.


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