Sioux Falls Fire Rescue Members Recognized for Mowing Resident’s Yard

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – First responders with Sioux Falls Fire Rescue are being recognized today for a service that goes beyond the call of duty.

Read below a voicemail that the mayor’s office received recently.

When the ambulance arrived, they asked him if there was anything else they could do for him and he jokingly said, ‘yes, you can finish mowing my yard.’ He had been mowing and collapsed. He, of course, was kidding but they finished mowing both the front and back yard for him.

That voicemail was left by the man’s stepdaughter. This afternoon, the mayor’s office recognized those first responders from Station Five.

Chief Brad Goodroad presented them with commemorative coins. The coins are handed out throughout the year to city employees who go above and beyond their jobs.

One of the firefighters tells us that while this incident is getting a lot of attention, it’s actually pretty common among first responders in the city.

“I don’t know if we’ve mowed before but a lot of times in the winter, people have heart conditions shoveling in the snow. We usually finish their driveway or sidewalk and things along that nature,” said Dan Wagner with Sioux Falls Fire Rescue.

The mayor’s office hands out 12 commemorative coins to each department every year. Today, four members of Station Five received them.

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