Organizers Say JazzFest was a Success Despite Challenges

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-This weekend, hundreds gathered at Yankton Trail Park for the 28th annual Sioux Falls JazzFest. As organizers look back on the weekend they’re happy with the outcome.

“Well for many reasons it was a rousing success,” said Trygve Fredrickson, Executive Director for Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Society. 

Folks were able to have fun and enjoy listening to music at the two-day jazz and blues festival despite some challenges. Organizers say they had to stay calm and go with the flow as things happened. 

“You’ve got to take things as they go. We had three quality headliners for Saturday and thank god and planning that we did have three quality headliners because we ended up through happenstance only having one left,” said Fredrickson. 

Crews also weren’t able to set up as much lighting as spring and winter flooding damaged the park’s electrical system.

“We had some people that they go ‘Hey this, you know the more subtle lighting out here, this is kind of cool’ and so that worked out and some people thought it was purposeful and they go ‘I think you should do that every year,’” said Fredrickson. 

Then a storm Saturday morning caused a three hour delay. Organizers say they couldn’t have pulled it all off without their 700 volunteers. 

“Really braved the heat and overcame the heat and then overcame the wind storm we had and all the tents that went down and the damage and I really can’t believe what we overcame,” said Fredrickson. 

They’re also thankful for folks in the community.

“I mean when we say it’s a community festival, it sure demonstrated being a community festival,” said Fredrickson. 

Folks who heard about the storm damage Saturday showed up to help. 

“Even some of our regular attendees came out and helped pick things up. Even some people on the bike trails stopped in and they said ‘oh boy’ and they just stopped and helped pick things up. It was amazing,” said Fredrickson. 

Looking back organizers say this will definitely be a year to remember. Attendees came from all over to enjoy this year’s JazzFest in Sioux Falls. There were people from Italy, Columbia, Mexico and Canada.


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