Artist’s Unofficial Sioux Falls Logo Goes Viral

SIOUX FALLS, S.D – Depending on how long you have lived in Sioux Falls, there are plenty of city-related icons. Now, one local artist has brought many of them together, in what some are calling the unofficial logo of the city.

Brent Plooster says the idea just came to him one morning.

“I rolled out of bed and I’m like, today is the day.”

The owner and artist of Brentiis Design says wanted to create an image celebrating the community of the Sioux Empire.

“I wanted to make a design that was paying honor to things that only Sioux Falls natives would kind of understand.”

The finalists?

Bendo, Wilbur from Gigglebee’s, and the well-known bikini lady.

The image has since gone viral locally. Plooster has sold more than one hundred t-shirts.

“I’m like hoping to walk around downtown and just see one, see my shirts, you know, everywhere.

Plooster says he’s proud of his work, but he’s most excited about the potential opportunities his new design may bring.

“If any companies need designers or an illustrator or stuff like that i hope that it helps bring me to the front of their minds.”

Because a career as a full-time artist isn’t always easy…

“This is what I’ve wanted to do since I was five years old, and I’ve always been told that you can’t just do art, you have to do a side job and then after work, after you work your 9-5, you can come home and you know draw a picture of two.

Plooster says that this drawing is the first of many of a series called “Sioux Falls Legends.” The next design should be available in a couple weeks, and the shirts are limited edition.

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